Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for enrollment

Lesson times are confirmed prior to the start of the years tuition and shall remain the same unless requested and we are able to accommodate the change. We request students turn up 5-10 minutes prior to their lesson to ensure that lessons start on time and allow the best use of the allocated time. Students shall provide their own instruments for all lessons except piano. Printed materials are to be purchased by students. Parents/guardians are welcome to wait for the students on site, or are free to return at the completion of the lesson. We do not allow parents or other students to be in the lessons after the first lesson. 

Minimum enrollment period
All enrollments are for a minimum of the greater of 12 weeks or 12 lessons. These lessons are all payable and any enrollment discounts or free lessons shall be credited after the minimum period has passed. 

Lesson cancellations are made by email to info@progressivemusic.com.au or through the messaging page in your student and family portal. We allow up to 3 cancellations per calendar year once the minimum enrollment period has passed (more may be offered at the companies discretion). Cancellations made over 24 hours prior to lesson start will be charged as usual with a makeup credit applied to the final lessons of the year up to a maximum of 3 credits. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the lesson start, or failure to turn up, will result in the full cost of the lesson being charged. Lessons will be considered forfeit if a student is more than 10 minutes late to the start of a lesson. In the event a teacher cancels a lesson, payment will be credited to the next lesson. If a teacher cancels a lesson during the minimum enrollment period, it is not considered a paid lesson and the minimum enrollment period still applies. For example, if 3 lessons have been taken and the teacher cancels the fourth, there is still 9 payable lessons remaining in the minimum enrollment. 

Payments are processed weekly as a direct debit through our provider from your nominated debit/credit card. Lessons are charged on the day of lessons, one week in advance. The first lesson of the calendar year is charged double to bring the account one week in advance. If a payment fails to clear we will attempt payment again the next day. Failure to rectify any missed payments before the paid up lesson will result in lessons being put on hold until payment is received. If we receive no communication regarding outstanding payments and no attempt is made to rectify the account we reserve the right to cancel enrollment and all notice periods will be payable in full. Any charges relating to collection of debts incurred with Progressive Music are payable in full by the customer.

Notice period
After the minimum enrollment period, we require 2 weeks notice in writing for discontinuation of lessons. For lesson pauses during the school holidays, we require at least 2 weeks notice in writing or else the lessons will be billable. 

Guitar/bass students
Guitar and bass students are required to service their instruments twice yearly. This is done in store at a cost of $50. This is to ensure there is no hindrance to progress through unsatisfactory playability.

Fees and charges
Dishonored payment fee; customer is responsible for dishonored payment fees which can be up to $29.90. 

Any complaints or concerns can be directed to the company owner, Six De-Saint Hillaire via phone or email. We will strive to rectify any concerns you have as quick as possible.