Meet the teachers

The best teachers mean the best outcomes

Our teachers are what make Progressive Music the go to for a higher standard of music tuition. Each one has been carefully selected and we know every student is in the best hands. We maintain a program of constant professional development to keep up with the latest trends in education and allowing us to offer our services to both neurotypical, and neurodiverse students because music is for everybody.

Lyndell - piano and keyboard 
Students age 4 and up

With over 40 years of playing experience and numerous years of teaching, Lyndell has a passion for the piano and wants to share that with students of all ages. Having completed AMEB Grade 7, she's a performer of the highest calibre. Her patient teaching style and ability to find the way her students learn the best has meant we've had students who've gone from complete novices to impressive players and been with us for several years.

"Everyone should get the chance to learn the piano. It's such a wonderful instrument and whether you're 4 or 74, I love seeing students progress and become the best players they can."

Andrew - guitar, bass and HSC prep 
Students age 6 and up

Having taught countless students over the last 2 decades, Andrew is able to make even the most complex of musical techniques seem easily mastered. Covering a wide range of contemporary styles, he's able to guide every student through the guitar as an instrument and ensure they get the most out of every lesson. 

"Every student is capable of being a great player with the right guidance and practicing every day, even if only for a few minutes. Seeing my students progress from being unable to play a D chord to gaining entrance to performing arts high schools or getting band 5 and 6 in their performance exams is what makes teaching so worthwhile"

Madeleine.jpgMadeleine - singing and HSC prep
Students age 4 and up

Being a natural born performer, Madeleine started singing as soon as she could talk and started lessons when she started primary school and continued all the way through to HSC and a band 6 in Music. Along the way she played lead roles in the Grease and Legally Blonde musicals, performed at the opera house and was a part of the talent development program at Campbelltown High School of the Performing Arts. As someone who's truly passionate about teaching, she's currently doing her Bachelor of Secondary Education and Music, soon to move onto her masters. 

"I want to teach my students that the voice is more than just vocal chords, to help them become attuned with their body and grow their skills and confidence by focussing on every element and how they work together."